UpStaged! Home Staging is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for design ensures an enjoyable staging experience. We can do as much or as little as you want. Staging is for every budget in any situation. We can use your furniture and items or bring them in. Details are always complimentary at every staging. Remember staging costs much less than the first price reduction on your listed home!

                       We offer several different services:

                             * Written Consultations
                             * Furnished Staging
                             * Vacant Staging
                             * New Construction Staging
                             * Holiday Staging
                             * Staging to Live
                             * Office Staging

                             * Personal Shopping Service
                             * Staging to Work
                                - Offices
                                - Hospitals
                                - Associations

                             * Event Staging
                                - Parties
                                - Receptions
                                - Weddings
                                - Open Houses
                                - Charities
                                - Associations

UpStaged! Home Staging

A Written Consultation is a walk through of your home, room by room, verbally telling you my recomendations and then presenting you with written step by step instructions on what you can do yourself to stage your home and also providing follow up for you to help keep the staged look going in your home. The charge for this is $100 per 1000 square feet.

    -Written room by room evaluation
    -Written follow-up plan for whole house
    -Competitively priced product resources for inexpensive improvements
    -Contractor referrals to handle minor repairs if need be

A furnished staging allows us to use your own items to stage your home. Special details are complimentary at every staging. This cost depends on how many rooms are being staged, and how many stagers I would bring in to do the job with myself. Your home will be staged in one day. I would be presenting you  with a written bid after I have looked at your home and before it is staged. 

A vacant staging is staging your empty home with your items you have somewhere else or we would provide items. This would include rental fees. Other than that, this type of staging is just like a furnished staging.

New construction staging generally pertains to contractors and would be handled the same way as a vacant staging.

Holiday staging is staging your home for the holidays. Staging doesn't always have to be used to sell a house. We could use your decorations or provide decorations for you. Holiday staging can be used for every holiday through out the year. The most popular holiday staging is Christmas. This also means inside or outside of your home. Price for this is also presented as a bid after knowing what you wanted done.

Staging to live is a special kind of staging used by previous staging clients. Some staging clients loved our work so much that when they sell their house and move into their new one, they want us to stage it to live.  Instead of them selling they want to live that way. This is priced as a bid as well.

Office staging is staging your office or workplace. This also includes the Staging to Work catagory. Personal offices, waiting areas, procedure rooms, cashier spaces, the list is endless. This type of staging of course is not to sell the spaces, but to make a great impression on their clients. This is also bid pricing.

Our personal shopping service is $50 per hour. This would be myself going shopping with you to help you purchase items for your home to make it appeal to potential buyers.
Event staging is staging your wedding, parties, receptions, your event booth, and many other events. This is done by bid pricing as well, also this catagory includes charity staging. Please contact us for details.
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