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Home Staging is a tool for sellers to get there house sold fast and for top dollar. Staging depersonlizes, declutters, and makes your house appealing to potential buyers. A buyer subcontiously decides if they are interested in your home with in the first 35 seconds. We need to make that first impression a great one. It starts outside of the home. Your entry and curb appeal should make a potential buyer want to come in and look. A buyer wants to imagine themselves in your home when they are looking. That is why depersonalizing is so important.

Staging is also the addition, elimination and/or rearrangement of the seller's own furniture and accessories. Achieving a fairly neutral setting and minor paint and/or color adjustments. Adding to or adjusting the interior light/brightness can change the whole look of a space. Also, the recommendation of inexpensive updates and the how to for minor essential repairs.

Creating reading nooks or coffee areas are an example of ways to make your home easy for the buyer to imagine themselves there doing those things. Every room needs to have a clear purpose.

Your home should not be marketed until it is staged. Even the pictures on the listing agents web site may deter them.
Every quarter Stagedhomes.com compile the statistic of how many homes sold that were staged by an ASP stager. The current quarterly stat is 94.6% of ASP Staged Homes sold with in 35 days! It is really remarkable!

Kim Hotchkiss is a well respected Accredited Home Stager. Kim specializes in residential and commercial staging, and loves holiday staging. Her notable skill in conceptual design will earn her a reputation as one of Iowa's premiere Home Stagers.

Kim started UpStaged! Home Staging, a full service Staging company in 2009. The first of its kind in the area to offer short term furniture & accessorie rental, UpStaged! Home Staging can take you from Staged to Sold.

Born and raised in the Cedar Valley, Kim has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. Kim received her ASP designation and became a member of the International Associaton of Home Staging Proffessionals by completing the Accredited Staging Professional Course provided by StagedHomes.com, where she received hands-on instruction and was required to and demonstrated several techniques.


Some of Kim's professional affiliations include:

  • Accredited Staging Professional
  • International Association of Home Staging Professionals
  • Vinton Chamber of Commerce
  • Vinton Unlimited
  • Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors


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